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What's In A Feeling?

Part 1 

This interactive SEN activity deals with Self Regulation as well as Cognition and Learning as set by PAGS ® and is all about managing emotions. It:


  • Includes Sorting and sequencing activities to help students understand emotions better

  • Develops the listening skills - Learners follow instructions given, which are gradually increased from one activity to another

  • Improves recall skills - Learners repeat instructions before carrying them out


Task 1

Look at the emoticons below.

1. Which ones show good feelings?

2. Which ones don't show such good feelings?

3. Which ones shows how you are feeling today?

4. What is making you feel this way?

SEN activities for children. An activity to help SEN Children identify emotions.

Task 2

What can the ones who are not feeling so well do to feel better? 

Match an emotion to the advice given here.

Now do the activity below.

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What's In A Feeling?

Part 2

Separate the emoticons into 3 groups, the happy group, the sad group and the angry group.

Click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the interactive activities for full screen.












Task 2

Now place the faces in order from most to least happy, most to least angry and most to least sad.

Name the emotions here.


What makes you feel very happy, pleased, sad, upset, angry or furious?

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Situation Cards

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An activity that develops coping strategies for SEN children.

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